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WildCards are the most impactful post you can make to your social networks to engage your audience with video content.

WildCards deliver five selected videos from your library specially formatted and packaged for smartphones and tablets. Connect with your audience on Twitter, Facebook and more to spread your video content.


Bring your website to life with comments, chat, ads, polls, trivia, and social personalization using our #SocialVideo SDK. Tailor it to the look and feel of your brand for a seamless experience. #SocialVideo was created in collaboration with major studios, music labels, and sports franchises.

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Audience Relationship Management

The Entertainment Industry is evolving to Audience Relationship Management to maximize the potential of digital revenue streams.

Milyoni’s #SocialVideo Platform paves the way to this future. By delivering the most innovative social video experience, combined with the ability to capture data-rich user profiles, generate personalized offers, and deliver these offers using the most appropriate channel, A.R.M. offers a complete end-to-end solution.

The end result? More social value, more brand value, and higher digital revenue streams for entertainment brands that see the potential in the brave new world of digital.

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