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Build interactive playlists with videos, songs, images, ads, polls & trivia. Earn money through ad revenue and sponsorship opportunities. Expand your audience reach with a mobile-first platform.
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Turn your website into an engaging experience with our #SocialVideo plugins. Available plugins include polls & trivia, comments, live chat, ad networks, and more. Customize the look and feel for a seamless experience on any website.

Audience Relationship Management

The Entertainment Industry is evolving to Audience Relationship Management to maximize the potential of digital revenue streams. Milyoni’s #SocialVideo Platform paves the way to this future. By delivering the most innovative social video experience, combined with the ability to capture data-rich user profiles, generate personalized offers, and deliver these offers using the most appropriate channel, A.R.M. offers a complete end-to-end solution.

The end result? More social value, more brand value, and higher digital revenue for those who see vast potential in the new digital world.


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