The Millennial Experience


As social, mobile, video and other technologies converge to create a new consumer experience for consumers, we struggle to come up with an all-encompassing name for this emerging user interface.  At Milyoni, we have landed on the term Millennial Experience.    Much of the experience that we need to create has emerged since the dawn of the new century – smartphones, social networks, streaming video, cloud apps and more – so millennial seems to be the best name to capture it all.

The Millennial Experience not only includes the convergence of rapidly evolving technology, but the emerging behavior patterns of those who use it.  It relies on being able to identify and personalize the experience without jeopardizing a sense of privacy.   It incorporates the desire for easily consumable content, but also the ability to comment, curate or create content as well.    The most difficult aspect of the Millennial Experience is that, like fashion, it demands change as soon as it reaches mass appeal.   What was cool last year is lame this year.

At Milyoni, our Millennial Experience is expressed through VideoCards.   VideoCards is a mobile-first experience, with video clips, and social engagements.   VideoCards come in packs of five.   You can swipe through images and select any or all of the videos to enjoy.   You can flip them over to get tid-bits of information about the video.   And you can share them with your friends on social networks.

Our goal is to create high-impact mobile posts for publishers – more impactful that text post, image post or video posts.    And of course our goal is to run fast, with lots of innovation, and avoid being labeled “lame” for as long as possible.

Click one of the links below to see our current expressions of our definition of the Millennial Experience.     Remember…it’s a mobile-first experience.   Get off your lame laptop.

Post by : Dean Alms

Mobile in 2014: Brand Dollars will Flow, RTB will Rule, and Video will Win

A blog post from our investor, Thomvest Ventures, written by Andrew Tweed.
“From our experience working with mobile ad tech companies, their customers, and industry veterans, we formed a few predictions on what the big mobile advertising trends will be for 2014:

1. Brand advertising dollars on mobile will take off
2. RTB will enable online programmatic buyers to push increased budget to mobile
3. Video will provide the best gateway for these brand dollars to scale on mobile”

Read the full article here:

Privacy By Design

Privacy by Design, Milyoni Inc.

With the media full of data breaches and massive spying stories, privacy is rapidly becoming a factor in selecting marketing partners. Milyoni wants you to know that we take privacy very seriously. We design privacy into every Milyoni service.

Our PRIVACY BY DESIGN program starts before the first line of code is written. We ask ourselves the following questions before beginning any project:

  1. Why are we collecting data?
  2. How are we collecting data?
  3. What, if any, personal information is being collected?
  4. How is personal information stored and protected?
  5. Is any information shared with third parties?
  6. How is information transferred both to our customers and to third parties?
  7. How do third parties protect the data we provide?
  8. How long do we keep data?
  9. How do we destroy data?

Many of these questions determine not what code we write, but whether we write the code at all. Why we collect data, whether we share data and how long we keep data are all business rather than engineering questions.

The critical analysis for privacy by design is identifying personal information and personally identifiable information.  At Milyoni, we evaluate the data requirements before we begin development.

The critical privacy engineering task then is to segregate this information and secure it out of harms way. Our service architecture allows us to  implement various levels of security and obfuscation to protect personal information without taking a universal performance hit. By planning for privacy in our designs Milyoni actually enhances the overall performance of our services.

Post by: Bruce Carlson

Drafting on Your Data


I really like sports.  I started cycling when we founded Milyoni, and I never thought I would enjoy an endurance sport like cycling.  After meeting Davis Phinney and hearing his racing stories, I started reading about the technique of cycling.  As in other racing sports, cycling is all about drafting.  Why am I talking about this here?  Because drafting is all about conserving your precious resources to give you a shot at the big prize in the end.  We all need to be drafting more, especially off our data.  If you want to spend your marketing dollars more effectively, then draft off data!  Here’s a real life example that we did last week: We A/B tested Facebook Ads using our #SocialVideo insights and user data.  The new THOR trailer was the subject of both ads and each ad was set to US only.  After reviewing the data of viewer interactions with the THOR trailer, we determined the best targeting for the second ad run.

Facebook Ad #1 Subject: Thor: The Dark World trailer Target: US

Facebook Ad #2 Subject: Thor: The Dark World trailer Targets: US, Marvel, UFC, 300, Linkin Park

And the results?  Facebook Ad #2 was the clear winner.  It yielded…

21% lower customer acquisition cost

64% better CTR

If you want to get more out of your marketing spend, then follow your data.  If you are headed up OLH on your bike, say hello as you go by – I’m still working on climbing.  But on the way down, feel free to jump on my wheel and draft!

Trending in the Right Direction

Google Search: Social Video & Social Video Marketing

Interest in social video and social video marketing has never been so obvious. Based on Google Trends we found that online searches for “social video” and “social video marketing” have been growing exponentially since 2010.

Clearly, Milyoni has been ahead of the game for quite some time. You can be ahead of the game too – with #SocialVideo, the leading social video marketing platform, powered by Milyoni.

(If images below do not load, refresh page)

Google Searches for “social video”
(The number 100 represents the peak search interest.)

Google Searches for “social video marketing”
(The number 100 represents the peak search interest.)

Patently Inspiring


We often say, “It’s all in the numbers”. Exploring the data we have (and we have a lot), is practically a science. My job involves figuring it out – cracking the code. And you know what, we’re beginning to do just that. The algorithms Milyoni has created are yielding incredible insight about our viewers.

Understanding the key metrics that drive the viral nature of our platform is not only insightful – it’s powerful. We know what viewers share, click on, and interact with. Knowing which of these actions a viewer takes, let’s us craft an truly engaging and lean-in experience that’s constantly adapting. The more we understand who and how consumers use our social video platform, the more we can target specific viewer groups and make the most out of your video content (check out some of our case studies like T. Mills Part 1 & Part 2, and Ziggy Marley for a glimpse into our data).

I’m not going into a ton of detail here – that’s way too complicated for a quick blog post. But let’s just say that I’m truly inspired everyday by the power of these numbers. These insights are constantly influencing the future of our product to make your video content even better. And the result? The most engaging online video experience. Because we have it down to a science.

Did I mention we’ve got several patents in the works?

Thanks for reading. RP

Online is the Bottom Line


Online video has evolved to be one of the newest and most engaging marketing strategies. Businesses around the world use online video to advertise products and spread awareness. Considering 84.7% of the US Internet audience views online video, (according to it would be crazy for a company to ignore the endless marketing opportunities available. Milyoni created #SocialVideo to take advantage of this situation.

In the article titled “The Year Digital Video Became A Legitimate Industry”, Randall Rothenberg, the president and CEO of IAB, was quoted that online video allows for a “kind of creative expression and programming they can’t do on cable or broadcast”.  The bottom line is that online video results in increased engagement and interaction among video viewers. We have the data and analytics to support this claim, which we share in our blogs  – check out the “Our Thoughts” section of the Milyoni blog.

With the immense growth and tremendous adoption of this creative space, we are excited to be in the technology sweet spot of these industry forces.  Milyoni’s social video marketing platform allows for endless streaming – concerts, movies, commercials, interviews, you name it. Where does the marketing fit in? Ads, polls, trivia, chat rooms, sponsorship, data and analytics, all-inclusive in the platform.

There’s a lot going on in online video – use Milyoni to do it better.


#SocialVideo: Now Bigger and Better

Screen Shot 2013-07-25 at 2.27.07 PM

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what do dots tell you? In Milyoni’s case, everything.

Thanks to Regan, our data-driven VP of Social Science, we’re able to give detailed insights into #SocialVideo viewers and their personal interests.  Knowing what your customer likes and who your customer follows is critical for brand success.  A look at a viewers likes, favorite artists, and demographics can result in key marketing and monetization strategies. 

The dot chart (above) shows #SocialVideo viewers’ page Likes over the last week – with age reflected by color gradations.  The most exciting and highly actionable part of our data is selecting from dozens of categories – from music to cars to bars – and key demographics, like gender, age, and location, to create stunning visualizations of your viewers.

How is this relevant to you?

With over a million pieces of data collected each week (Big Data, here we come!), we can provide you with unparalleled insight into your viewers. If you want to know what your viewers are thinking, check in with #SocialVideo – we know.




Recently, Yahoo! has been talking a lot about the theme of Personalization. Personalization is key in today’s world. Online is all about tailoring experiences and serving content based on a consumer’s composite profile.
A composite profile includes a person’s personal interests and their social profile. What is a social profile? It is all the social networks that an individual chooses to engage with and the people he or she chooses to connect with on those social networks.

Remember that old adage “you are the company you keep”? Today it has begun to take on a whole new meaning because “the company you keep” now includes social networks. Moral of the story: accept those friend requests and followers wisely. They will help define the personalization engine that Yahoo and others use to serve content.

Our product roadmap for #SocialVideo parallels Yahoo’s emphasis on Personalization. We have the data and analytics to match viewers with videos that match their interests. We are working hard to personalize the online video experience with special features that social media users will love. Stay Tuned.

My inspiration for this post…

“Yahoo News Face-Lift Puts Focus on Personalization” from AllThingsD

Smashing Pumpkins Concert, A Smashing Success

Aero_standard cover[1]

On July 20th Milyoni streamed a free interactive concert of The Smashing Pumpkin’s iconic “The Aeroplane Flies High” concert. 1,800 fans attended the viewing party of the re-mastered July 4, 1997 concert from Belfort, France on #SocialVideo, Milyoni’s leading social video marketing platform.

Viewers interacted on the platform as the legendary Smashing Pumpkins performed their greatest hits. Behind the scenes analytics gathered the following data:

  •  2.9k total interactions
  • 2.1k total expressions (shares)
  • 1.6k polls answered
  • 837 chat messages

A whopping 18% of viewers visited Amazon to get more information on their platinum-selling 1996 box set The Aeroplane Flies High6-CD +1 DVD5-LPs and Deluxe Digital and Standard Digital editions.  The CD/DVD, 5-LP version and digital configurations were released on July 23.

#SocialVideo not only has the power to monetize, but the tools to truly captivate and engage an online audience.

Are you ready for #SocialVideo?


Milyoni Announces Free Interactive Concert, Smashing Pumpkins July 20th

Screen Shot 2013-07-19 at 10.23.46 AM



* * * * *

Fans Unite on Facebook In Advance of Re-Mastered DVD Release on July 23

 Los Angeles, CA (July 18, 2013) – Universal Music Enterprises (UMe) and Milyoni, the leader in #SocialVideo, today announced a virtual concert-going experience featuring The Smashing Pumpkins.  Slated for Saturday, July 20, the never before released concert from the upcoming The Aeroplane Flies High re-mastered CD/DVD release will be available for a FREE 24 on-demand rental starting at 6:00PM PDT/9:00PM EDT.

Smashing Pumpkins fans can join the FREE interactive viewing party of the fully re-mastered July 4, 1997 iconic concert from Belfort, France at Powered by Milyoni’s #SocialVideo Platform, fans will connect with other viewers and enjoy a unique and socially interactive experience featuring live chat and time-released Social Widgets, delivering exclusive images, trivia, polls and video clips that can be shared via social networks.

“UMe has proven to be one of our strongest partners providing unprecedented content that allows us to deliver the best and most engaging social experience,” said John Corpus, CEO, Milyoni.  “Equally as important is attracting new users, and by applying our cutting-edge analytics engine, we can illustrate how our audience shares to their social networks and yields an unprecedented rate of new users.”

As part of the continuing series of reissues of The Smashing Pumpkins’ acclaimed catalog via Virgin/UMe, the iconic alternative band is set to release four separate versions, all fully remastered, of their platinum-selling 1996 box set The Aeroplane Flies High: 6-CD +1 DVD; 5-LPs and Deluxe Digital and Standard Digital editions.  The CD/DVD, 5-LP version and digital configurations will be released July 23.

Innovation to Habit

Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 2.03.28 PM

It is interesting to think about at what point an innovation becomes a habit.

There is a micro level to it and a macro level.  At a micro level, it is when you are so used to the something that is becomes second nature.  My son is learning to drive – driving, a new innovation to my son, is habit to me.  What used to be an innovation to me in the morning – a double espresso –long pull –is now an enjoyable habit.    At the macro level innovation is when a new social norm is created, or as we talk a lot about in our business “table stakes”.

For things to become a habit several things need to converge.  An idea needs to be accepted, enabling technology needs to be available, and the idea needs to fill a need for a critical mass of people.

There is no formula. It is not easy.  And then another question arises: How do you introduce something unique and shepherd the innovation until it’s habit? Think about that.

What inspires me, drives me, keeps me up at night is thinking about how to be the designer and creator of the next big thing – turning my innovation today into the table stakes of tomorrow. I am motivated beyond words to deliver Milyoni’s innovative #SocialVideo experience today into the normal daily life of tomorrow.

What innovation turned habit has changed your life?

And The Nominees Are….

Did anyone catch the 65th Prime Time Emmy Nominations Ceremony? Ostensibly the Emmys are about the best content among shows, actresses, and actors – right? But what constitutes a “winner” in this case is the Content.

The source of the content has been capturing the headlines. This used to be simple – one group created the content and another group distributed it. Now the distinction is being blurred more than ever. This year HBO has the highest number of nominations at 108. CBS & ABC are tied for second with 53 each. But wait, now there’s Netflix in the mix. LA Times headline says “Emmys 2013: With 14 nominations, Netflix gains credibility”.

What used to be solely delivery and distribution are increasingly moving to content creation. Netflix, Hulu, the list goes on.

Within the first minute of the Emmy Nominations Ceremony, and after a brief nod to creativity, Bruce Rosenblum, Chairman and CEO of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences talked about evolution in the industry – first naming devices (mobile devices, tablets, flat screens) then delivery (podcasts, cable, on-demand). He’s emphasizing that we can see everything, everywhere, on any device that we want. I’m exaggerating – but you get my point, that is the direction that everything is headed.

Milyoni is ecstatic – we love the new direction AND we want to take content to the next level. What this means is more interaction, engagement, and getting the viewers involved as a part of the content, not just passively watching it. I predict that awards for content in the future will be driven by the audience. Not just people’s choice type voting – but data on interacting with the content.

Milyoni is at the front of the evolutionary change.

How #SocialVideo let the world know that Absence is Coming

The world of Hollywood, especially for independent filmmakers, has completely shifted in the last few years.  Kickstarter and Indiegogo are changing the way artists fund their films.  The Veronica Mars movie blew past it’s $2M goal and has raised over $4M to date!  What’s the next disrupter to old Hollywood?  The promotional process.

Generally, films set aside 20%-30% of their production budget for P&A.  This is practically impossible for the independent producer.

First time filmmaker Jimmy Loweree was experiencing this same problem.  He directed a great little thriller, Absence, that no one had heard about until now.  He made the smart choice and turned to #SocialVideo to help promote his new film.  With our video platform and social media marketing experience, we created some amazing results within the first week of his campaign. Check out some of the early results:

  • 52% increase in Facebook Likes
  • 777% increase in Facebook Talking About This
  • 3,600% increase in Facebook Reach


Want people to know about your film?  Make the smart choice and get started with #SocialVideo powered Milyoni.